Our Objectives

1. To Promote and Facilitate the Educational Development in Tanzania.

TVTA works with students, teachers, families, communities and education authorities to develop sustainable and realistic education models for provision of quality education which is relevant and accessible to the needs of students, society and the world as a whole.

TVTA strives to link innovators in education, including representatives from civil societies, government, donors, practitioners, teachers, learners, principals, parents, research organizations, unions and education policy makers (such as DEOs, REOs MoEVT, TIE and school inspectors) by connecting them together in communities of practice that promote sharing of good and effective educational practices so that there can be an increase in trust, a reduction in duplication, a maximizing of resources, and an impact on policy so that the education system as a whole can benefit.

TVTA strives to raise national awareness and increasing financial commitment on Science and Mathematics education through advocacy and sensitization of parents, school authorities,various leaders and policy makers at all levels.
TVTA conducts researches in education in both rural and urban areas to identify challenges and take active role to improve the quality of the overall physical environment in which teaching and learning occur.

2. To Facilitate and Advocate for the Self Reliance Education.

By multiple approaches, TVTA provides undreamed opportunities for life-long learning on self reliance through expanding and facilitating basic industrial, vocational and entrepreneurial education to both youths and adults which will decrease the mental slavery of over-depending on employers and inculcate the spirit of self-employment and economic independence to them hence unlocking, renewing hope and revealing solutions to tough employment challenges that have so long been preventing people in our communities from realizing their full potential.

In addition, TVTA trains and increase the market-related skills of unemployed graduates by rebuilding their self-esteem, readiness to work, dignity, and self-respect that will allow access to available employment opportunities in their local community and surrounding areas.

3. To Promote Relief and Improve Social Services

TVTA advocates and supports the communities to improve health, gender equality and equity, culture development, good governance, improving peace and justice and other social services for life insurance.

4. To Advocate for Conservation and Proper Utilization of Natural Resources

TVTA advocates for the environmental & natural resources protection and management through raising awareness and providing adequate support to enhance the feasible and full potential solutions of our natural resource misuse for community benefit.

5. To Provide Civic Education

We encourage citizens to develop skills necessary to navigate public space better and participate more effectively in public life.

6. To perform any further action(s) deemed necessary and appropriate

To perform any further action(s) deemed necessary and appropriate to safeguard and promote better living standards of the community including legal and ethical means to the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the beneficiaries of this organisation.